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The Best WordPress Theme - WP-ProsperityComing across a great product with great service is tough so when I find one I like to give it a shout out. I have been using the WP- Prosperity theme for several years and can only say it is a pleasure every time I need to install and set it up.

The theme is more than flexible – it is fast, responsive, and comes with exceptional support from its creator .

More info below – Thanks Mike!



Premium WordPress Theme for Creative Entrepreneurs

Is your WordPress theme easy to customize? It should be. That’s why I invested 10+ years of WordPress design experience into making WP-Prosperity one of the most attractive, versatile and user-friendly WordPress themes on the market.

This is the WP-Prosperity parent theme. Whether you’re building a blog, business website or online magazine, WP-Prosperity gives you everything you need to do it right.


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Pressing from my iPad


Getting my site running with the help of a little WordPress on the iPad. In my search for moving off my laptop, unless I’m doing something that requires the power of Adobe, I like what I see. Although I’ll probably never be able to type as fast as the kids in the Apple shops, using WP, Dragon Dictate and Evernote I feel I’ll be able to maintain a few posts per week.

Google AdWords Ads


I recently ran a search that returned the following Google AdWord Ad:

Run A Architect Business?
Gain New Potential Customers With
Google AdWords Ads. Get Started Now

Knowing that even Google can’t get the result they want with “Dynamic” AdWords makes me feel that my efforts are not as far off as I sometimes think they may be.

Run A AdWord Campaign? I guess that Google Grammer will be showing up in labs in the near future.

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