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The Best WordPress Theme - WP-ProsperityComing across a great product with great service is tough so when I find one I like to give it a shout out. I have been using the WP- Prosperity theme for several years and can only say it is a pleasure every time I need to install and set it up.

The theme is more than flexible – it is fast, responsive, and comes with exceptional support from its creator .

More info below – Thanks Mike!



Premium WordPress Theme for Creative Entrepreneurs

Is your WordPress theme easy to customize? It should be. That’s why I invested 10+ years of WordPress design experience into making WP-Prosperity one of the most attractive, versatile and user-friendly WordPress themes on the market.

This is the WP-Prosperity parent theme. Whether you’re building a blog, business website or online magazine, WP-Prosperity gives you everything you need to do it right.


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Dad is the new Mom

dadAnd personal storytelling is no longer a “chick thing.” In the “Dad Is the New Mom” panel at 2009 SXSWi, dad bloggers talked about the need to get real and personal to win audiences and advertisers.

Currently PepsiCo has begun working with the dad bloggers to win share of wallet as men take on household tasks including shopping, cooking, and bringing the kids to daycare.