Facebook Interaction is Nocturnal, Post During “Non-Busy Hours”

Brand posts published between 8 PM and 7 AM, which are defined as “non-busy hours,” receive 14%
higher interaction than those that post between 8 AM and 7 PM, which are defined as “busy hours.”

There is plenty of room for brands to improve on this, as only 18% of posts are sent during “non-busy hours.” When not at work, people are more likely to spend time perusing Facebook and interacting with Page content. Providing the right content at the right time to people is a huge step in the optimization of Facebook marketing, so don’t overwhelm fans when they are busy. By posting early in the morning you also allow your post to increase its News Feed Optimization
during a less noisy time.

(via: For more information on Facebook News Feed Optimization, read the Buddy Media white paper here: http://bddy.me/newsfeed )

How to Know When to Promote a Facebook Post

Social media has never been inexpensive, just different expensive. But now, the last vestiges of false assumptions about the true cost of social marketing are being wiped away. Facebook’s changes to EdgeRank essentially require that Pages pay a fee to reach more than 15 out of every 100 of their fans. How long until Twitter follows?

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3 Key Benefits of Facebook Global Pages

3 Key Benefits of Facebook Global Changes

Facebook Global Pages have been rumored to be in the works for several months. Whispers of “select brands” having access and beta-testing. This is a big change in Facebook Social Marketing, and one that is welcome even when it means overhauling existing social media marketing strategies. This is big game changer. And if Facebook can keep rolling out changes that impact everyone in a good way those initial stock buys should begin to make sense soon.

  1. A Centralized Facebook Presence: No matter which version of the page a visitor gets routed to, all visitors will see the same page name (translated into their local language), fan count, and ‘People Talking About This’ counts.
  2. A Single URL: Rather than having to promote a different page URL for each localized page, global brands will be able to promote one single URL in all of their marketing efforts to promote their Facebook presence, since page visitors will be automatically be redirected to the appropriate version of the Page based on their geographic information.
  3. A Centralized Global Insights Dashboard: Rather than having to check the Facebook Insights for multiple pages, administrators of the main Global Page will be able to check Insights for all page variations in one centralized dashboard.

via Facebook Launches Global Pages to Simplify Brands’ International Facebook Presence.