Winsor McCay: Little Nemo in Slumberland Google Doodle celebrates a comics great

All the rage today on the interactive doodle. One thing Google knows best is how to get the web talking. Make sure to click, click and click to unveil the whole Little Nemo in Slumberland story.

Hats off to work well done!

Google's American cartoonist and animator Winsor Zenic McCay

Google has celebrated the 107th anniversary of Winsor McCays Little Nemo in Slumberland with one of the search engines most elaborate doodles ever.The doodle recreates the adventures of the main fictional character from the illustrators comic strips, which first appeared on 15 October 1905 in the New York Herald.

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Pressing from my iPad


Getting my site running with the help of a little WordPress on the iPad. In my search for moving off my laptop, unless I’m doing something that requires the power of Adobe, I like what I see. Although I’ll probably never be able to type as fast as the kids in the Apple shops, using WP, Dragon Dictate and Evernote I feel I’ll be able to maintain a few posts per week.

TOPPS 3D is just mind-blowing!


When I grew up the space shuttle was something that was considered quite amazing. This topps the feat, and you never have to move from the drives seat. 

Kudos to L.A./Europe-based software provider Total Immersion gives trading card brand Topps the augmented reality treatment by offering 3D live baseball cards. 

You may be asking what is a “3D Live” baseball card. I am not sure myself, but I am running out right now to get a pack. Webcam ready and waiting!

A demo on how the technology works is presented here.