Perfectly Optimized for On-Page SEO or Mary’s Chocolate Donuts

Mary's Chocolate Donuts

Mary’s Chocolate Donuts

During yesterday’s #blogchat (Whoot @MackCollier @kdhungerford) the question of SEO optimization rose again. Since this chat was about “Topic Buckets”, I shared an old diagram that used to hang on my wall – Mary’s Chocolate Donuts! Previously, prior to the chat, I was literally on a call discussing this same topic.  I thought I’d share the diagram again here. Enjoy!

Here is more about On-page SEO from SEOmoz

SEO – quick infographic overview

I came across this fairly simple info graphic that sums up the reason that SEO is critical for any marketing strategy, especially B2B. 80% research a service online before making the purchase. Thought I’d share.

Why You Should Not Ignore SEO
Infographic by- 广州网站建设 Guangzhou Web Design Company

Why organic SEO will work every time


SEO works. A week ago traffic never got higher than the first bar.

SEO works. A week ago traffic never got higher than the first bar.



I was recently asked by an existing client if organic search engine optimization (SEO) really works. I asked him if increasing traffic to his website by 20% would make a believer.

Well, week one is done and I am happy to report that I have made one more customer a happier one. In fact, at the moment, the web traffic has increased by almost 50%. It is still too soon to let the cat out of the bag, but it goes to prove that SEO works.

Here are 3 SEO tactics that increase traffic:


  1. Develop new language versions of the website
  2. Create new white paper to qualify leads
  3. Test design and placement options for links to Web forms