Auctionata: When Social Media meets Online Auctions

As a lover of design and all things digital, Jef Kalil recalls a specific moment that sparked his passion for online media: watching the VT100 animation “Bambi vs. Godzilla” at Digital Equipment Corporation when he was just 8 years old.

Later on in his life, he followed his heart and pursued an Architecture and Design career in Boston which led him to study abroad in Germany. There, he discovered the Bauhaus and the real meaning of “less is more” which may have very well helped in establishing a second passion of his – to deliver content in 140 characters or less.

Now, Jef is the Social Media Marketing Manager of the pioneering online auction-house and startup, Auctionata, where he combines his love for design with technology on a daily basis. His weekly paper, the Antiques & Antiquities Roundup caught our attention and we wanted to learn more!

Auctionata: When Social meets Online Auctions | The People Behind the Paper.lis.

Now playing: Twitter #music


Today, Twitter released Twitter #music, a new service that will change the way people find music, based on Twitter. It uses Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement, to detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists. It also brings artists’ music-related Twitter activity front and center: go to their profiles to see which music artists they follow and listen to songs by those artists. And, of course, you can tweet songs right from the app.

via Twitter Blog: Now playing: Twitter #music.

Facebook Rolls Out Updated Commenting System for Pages

Facebook Commenting Updated


Facebook improves its commenting system, bringing threaded comments and replies at last for business Pages! The recent announcement is an attempt to “make it easy to have conversation,” writes Facebook. Beginning today, user will not only be able to directly reply to comments left on a business Page content, but also begin a threaded conversation. No more randomly commenting to Hello User XZY. There is one step that you need to do in order to use this new feature.

To turn on replies for you Page:

  1. At the top of you Page, click Edit Page
  2. Go to Manage Permissions
  3. Select Turn on Replies.

Note: Some users may see a “Turn On Reply” box appear during the next login.

rerplys on

This will help to focus replies on specific fans rather than adding a generic reply to the comment box. There is some good news for some of the businesses I work with where fans make direct requests in the comment areas. I’m looking forward to hearing and reading more about this as it gets put to practice.

With this new commenting system, Facebook ways it will make it easier for administrators and fans to interact while also communicating individually and pushing teh relevant chatter to the top of each post. What do you think of this new feature? Do you think it could boost fan engagement?