Tropicana Classic?


This is an update on what could be called the Great Tropicana Packaging About-Face. 

As it turned out, Tropicana was getting negative feedback from consumers in the form of e-mail messages, telephone calls and letters. The result was that executives reversed
course on the redesign. The classic Tropicana look, as reported in The Times last Monday, is to return in about a month. 

Hear is what a few consumer e-mails looked like:

Q: (Reader)
Thumbs down at our house: My daughter told me I’d bought the
wrong O.J. I had to explain that it was a new package.

Q: (Reader)
I like the fact that Tropicana listens to its core customers
and essentially empowered them to bring back the original.
Sounds like a great opportunity to begin a dialog to find
out what else they think, want and believe.