Momoyoga Yoga Membership Software – an unbiased Product Manager Review

Yoga studios and their Yogis love Momoyoga – and for a good reason. This class and member admin software is not only is created to impress yoga teachers and yoga studios, but it also impresses an impatient product manager like me. That said, Momoyoga should not be confused with full-on fitness studio software. It is however the best software I found available for boutique yoga studios. If you want to have a quick look, check their 1-minute video “What is Momoyoga?”.

Why smart yoga studio use Momoyogo?

Meena, a newly certified Hatha yoga teacher, was looking for easy-to-use software. Meena runs her own studio with 50 members. She does not have the time to create yoga Doodle lists, send yoga Whatsapp messages, or field yoga class bookings and cancellations (those even make her sad). And payments! These are absolutely the least yogi-like tasks that she would like to delegate off to to some yoga studio AI. What Meena really wants – “Om shanti shanti shanti”.

Meena needs to focus on managing her yogis, her yoga income and expenses, and growing her yoga studio, all while making sure her yogis are empowered to control their schedules and payments. And she needs it in English and German!  What Meena really wants for her yogis – “Om shanti shanti shanti”.

At the top of Google serps comes Momoyoga. Where I got to do side-by-side product comparisons with 7-10 other yoga studio management software products. Using the same standard I share with many friends and colleagues, “Before you talk to me, install it for free, gave me a good understanding, in the few hours of a Sunday morning, which software would stay in the running. 

After spending the rest of Sunday with free trial signups, YouTube Yoga Studio Software videos,and countless yogi and yoga studio class booking tests only one stood the test. And the kicker, they offered the product fully in English and German. I guess it’s one of the peaks of building software in the Netherlands! 


So to wrap this up I have added a list of what Meena wishes she had (the users pains) vs what Momoyoga promises (the user problem it solves) with a simple scorecard. A kinda has/has not. Let’s go!

User pain vs product value

Meena’s wishes (pains)…Momoyogo provides…Scorecard
Om shanti shanti shantiA healthy work-life balance
Yoga auf Deutsch!Real German and Nether-English
Yoga Website integrationWordPress plugin  
Access anywhere and everywhereNative iOS and Android
Decrease workloadYoga class waitlists

Yoga class cancellation periods

Yoga class email notifications

Personalize emails

Automatic class reminders

Automatic birthday messages

Inform yogis via email
Flexible yoga class passes and membershipsDrop in

10 Class Pass

Class Memberships

Gift Certificates
Pay anyway, even  in cash!Paypal

Bank transfers

Recurring payments
And, and, and…Yes, Momoyoga has that too

Full disclosure: I am a certified Product Manager I believe in unbiased reviews of software. And giving a shout out where rightly earned. I make a living building amazing products with multiple squads and product teams. They are used by millions of user on their mobile devices across the globe.

I believe that great products deserve, and usually receive, great reviews. I believe that great products follow the Agile Manifesto whether consciously or unconsciously. I believe that small teams and companies can create world-class software. I believe keeping it simple. 

I am not compensated for promoting Momoyoga, although i probably earned a few pennies from Google because you read this. Thank you. I have recommended Momoyogo to yoga studios when their pains are similar to the ones described above.

Other yoga studio membership software compared

Yoga Membership SoftwareTakeawayFree TrialLanguage
MomoyogaEasy-to-use class and member administration for yoga teachers and yoga studios.English/Deutsch
fitliSimple and powerful software designed to make your life easy.English
10to8Appointment Scheduling Software Loved By Over 50,000 WorldwideEnglish
fitogramBring your studio
into balance.
English/Deutsch + many more
eversportsmanagerSpend less time organising
and more with your community
Demo onlyEnglish/Deutsch + many more

Need to get started quickly on Momoyoga?
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The theme is more than flexible – it is fast, responsive, and comes with exceptional support from its creator .

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Is your WordPress theme easy to customize? It should be. That’s why I invested 10+ years of WordPress design experience into making WP-Prosperity one of the most attractive, versatile and user-friendly WordPress themes on the market.

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Product Scorecard Ranking – out of yellow and into green

Like the political polling map a product scorecard gives senior management a quick overview of where actions need to be focused and which regions we need to invest in. Ideally we’d like everything to be green, but realistically a sea of three colors is what you’ll have to deal with. Let’s break this down into a few steps.

product scorecard

A simple scoring method from yesterday’s post: The Product Scorecard – measure it, so you can manage it

Step 1

Let’s begin to view the scorecard from the previous post like an election map it makes the decision where to focus quite easy – forget about the red areas and try to move yellows to green. From this view we would first believe we would need to move all 11 yellow blocks to yellow. In reality, we need to prioritize and decide which ones are critical, which ones are possible, and which ones we won’t touch.

7 Green areas working as planned. 11 Yellow to rank.

Step 2

In the next step we need to go back to the scorecard details and re-rank the yellow areas in their priority as green, yellow and red. Once this is completed we need determine if the areas are worth the effort, and if we have the resources needed to make this change. This map shows all Step 1 greens grayed out, since there is nothing left to do here, and yellow areas re-ranked from red to green. Now, instead of 11 areas we need to divide resources on we now have a mere 5 areas where we can concentrate 100% of our efforts.

Re-ranking yellow from Green to Red.

Applying this approach to your go-to-market analysis will help you to plan strategies and build better products. And since all the parts of a product go-to-market are tied together, focusing on these 5 areas should move more yellows to green so you are ready for the next product launch.

Artefact: Go-to-market analysis map shown as the United States of the Product. – just for fun!