Why Social Media and Privacy is an 800 Pound Elephant

Oops, I did it again.

But this time I know that it was really not my fault.

This is usually a dialog I have with myself when online posts, that I posted, show up randomly on my Twitter and Facebook. Randomly meaning, without my real consent to the terms.

In my position I spend approximately 2/3 of my day online, and if anyone should be able to march around the social media privacy settings it should be me. Ironically, I seem to always miss a checkbox, or two, before my previewing of The Nutcracker Act II Scene 12 on Apple’s Ping posts to my Twitter. Luckily, a favorite of many!

So, for those of you who worry about your social media settings I can assure you this, you definitely did not choose the settings you had wished you had. So post lightly and be pleasantly surprised when your friends begin commenting on your wall about the Elephant Song – Thanks Eric Herman for a entertaining song!