A Three-step Global Social Media Marketing (SMM) Agenda

3 Step Social Media Marketing Agenda

  1. Social Media Standardization
  2. Enhancements/Optimization
  3. Targeted Engagement/Social Apps

When implementing a global SMM strategy it is important to take into consideration the resources that will be needed. In most cases you will need to rely on a number of teams to get your plan rolled out. Since you are relaying on the resources of graphic teams, IT, editors, marketing and overall priorities set by management it is best to follow a plan that can scale and adjust during a 6 month time schedule.

Remember, if social sharing integration that is needed to increase followers, fans and likes gets slotted into an IT plan for next quarter, you want to have other components that can be immediately implemented by your social media team. Some of those elements could be Social Media Guidelines and Policies or Publishing and Scheduling plans.