Define Your Cohorts Along the Customer Decision Journey

Welcome to my blog on, where I write about current topics from my personal experiences in product management to inspire you to overcome challenges and drive success. In this post, I will explore the importance of defining cohorts along the customer decision journey. By understanding your customers’ behavior at different stages, you can make

Insights from co³ 2023 Conference on the Future of Corporate Content

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the co³ 2023 AI conference in Munich, and I must say, although not a game-changer, the presentations gave me something to walk away with. As a product manager specializing in building mobile-first engagement products, I was eager to explore the synergy between products and AI. My goal was

Momoyoga Yoga Membership Software – an unbiased Product Manager Review

Yoga studios and their Yogis love Momoyoga – and for a good reason. This class and member admin software is not only is created to impress yoga teachers and yoga studios, but it also impresses an impatient product manager like me. That said, Momoyoga should not be confused with full-on fitness studio software. It is