Product Management vs AI: The Essential Roles Behind an AI-Powered Experience

In an era where ‘AI’ and ‘Product Management’ often find themselves in the same headline, it’s easy to get swept away in debates that pit one against the other. Conversations in boardrooms and online forums frequently center around who should take the lead, or which discipline offers the most promise for transforming user experiences. The

Unlocking Success: How AI is Revolutionizing Product Management

I’ve always considered myself a creative builder. As a product manager, my job is to shape ideas into tangible products and guide them towards success. But over time, the questions of ‘how’ and ‘for whom’ I build have evolved, especially with the rise of new technologies. Today, I find myself not only enhancing user experiences

Insights from co³ 2023 Conference on the Future of Corporate Content

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the co³ 2023 AI conference in Munich, and I must say, although not a game-changer, the presentations gave me something to walk away with. As a product manager specializing in building mobile-first engagement products, I was eager to explore the synergy between products and AI. My goal was