Insights from co³ 2023 Conference on the Future of Corporate Content

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the co³ 2023 AI conference in Munich, and I must say, although not a game-changer, the presentations gave me something to walk away with. As a product manager specializing in building mobile-first engagement products, I was eager to explore the synergy between products and AI. My goal was to understand how AI could support product development along the user decision journey and enhance the productivity and creativity of our teams. In this post, I will recap my experience at the conference, sharing valuable insights and shedding light on what I see as possibilities for products.

Discovering New AI Models

The conference proved to be a good source of information, unveiling tried and tested AI models that are reshaping the product landscape with support from artificial intelligence. Companies are leveraging the AI to enhance existing models such as OCEAN, and the TwentyFive Method pioneered by Christoph Hofmański. The ability to use as little as 130 characters to create accurate user personas, placing them at specific stages in the user decision journey, is nothing short of remarkable. Eliot Knepper, co-founder and CEO of Mnemonic AI, presented a fascinating case study showcasing how his company achieved this feat.

European AI-Act and the Importance of Innovation

One of the most engaging comments at the conference revolved around the European AI Act and its very-likely impact on AI progress in Europe. Eliot Knepper strongly emphasized that banning the use of AI would isolate Europe from the groundbreaking innovations in this field.

As an American working in Munich, Germany, I wholeheartedly support this stance. It is crucial to foster an environment that encourages AI innovation while ensuring responsible usage. Striking the right balance will drive Europe forward, unleashing a wave of transformative solutions that benefit users and businesses alike.

Harnessing the Power of Generative Artificial Intelligence

A key takeaway from the conference was the immense potential of Generative Artificial Intelligence. This revolutionary technology has the ability to revolutionize product engagement, streamline user journeys, and unlock unprecedented efficiencies. By leveraging GAI, we can enhance our products to deliver personalized experiences that resonate deeply with our student audience. It was clear from the conference discussions that we are entering a stage of discovery, where countless ideas are poised to reshape the way we build products.

Embracing a Fearless Future

Attending the co³ 2023 AI conference was a good experience that left me eager to test new knowledge into my product strategies. As a product manager, I am excited to explore the possibilities that AI brings to the table. While we can expect AI to optimize user journeys and drive business success, I also saw the important to embrace the fun and whimsical aspects it introduces. From creating cat memes that make us laugh to leveraging AI’s potential to improve our everyday lives, the future is undoubtedly good, and filled with endless opportunities.

What I Missed

While the conference was an exceptional experience overall, there were a few aspects that I wished had been different. One noticeable aspect was the lower turnout in terms of attendees returning to the live conference venue. The halls were unfortunately less than half full, which dampened some of the energy that could have been generated through larger crowds.

On a lighter note, the abundant culinary delights available just outside the venue on Munich’s bustling Türkenstraße were a good choice over the lunch and refreshment options provided with the ticket.


The co³ 2023 AI conference was an eye-opening event that showcased the immense potential of AI in product development. By incorporating AI models into our strategies, we can enhance user experiences, break down inhibitions, and revolutionize the way we build products. I am confident that the synergy between products and AI will continue to evolve, leading to groundbreaking innovations that benefit both users and businesses along the user decision journey. As a experieced product manager, I am excited to embark on this transformative journey, with some added knowledge and insights gained from the conference. Let’s embrace the power of AI, push boundaries, and shape a future that is not only productive but also valuable for users.