Using the Lean Canvas to Track the Product Hypothesis

I recently came across a presentation from Stanford University that suggested students of E145 use the Lean Canvas tool when beginning their startup business model journey. Of course we all have worked with the business canvas model (if not have a look here), but as a product person I had never thought to use the

Agile Leadership: Trust vs. Control – Scrum Inc

I came across this simple visual example of a complex adaptive system, a scrum, on Scrum Inc’s blog and wanted to share it you. Follow the link at the bottom to read the whole post. Exerpt: I Listened to Spotify enterprise coach and Agile thought leader Henrik Knieberg’s keynote and loved his analogy on Trust vs.

A Transition to Agile

Over the next several posts I will begin to write about the transition to agile, written from the guiding position of a “scrum master”. Since this group is not strictly a team of only software developers and the project is not strictly setting out with a goal to write software, the posts will be about