A Transition to Agile

Over the next several posts I will begin to write about the transition to agile, written from the guiding position of a “scrum master”. Since this group is not strictly a team of only software developers and the project is not strictly setting out with a goal to write software, the posts will be about

Hat tip: Good Product Team Bad Product Team

Pressed from Posted by marty cagan on June 13, 2014 with a hat tip to Ben Horowitz’s classic Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager  “Good teams obsess over their reference customers. Bad teams obsess over competitors.” I’ve had the extremely good fortune to be able to work with many of the very best technology product teams in the

The Future of Product Management

I came across this recent blog which made me realize just how good our whole product team has it next week at the Pragmatic Marketing training. Sure we share our thoughts, ideas, strategies all day long and then at 30,000 feet in Monday huddles, but having the same tools and education ought to make the