LinkedIn Now Offers Multimedia Portfolios – PSFK

This is really exciting news and shows how much LinkedIn is the social channel for the professional world. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional online network with over 2million users in 200 countries worldwide has had a makeover. The site now allows users to upload videos, images and presentations amongst other rich media to showcase their

6 Tips for Using LinkedIn the New Endorsements

LinkedIn’s newest Endorsement feature has people wondering if they should use it, and if they choose to use it, how do they use it? It is a feature that everyone should embrace because a word of praise does go a long way in social media. Here is a great breakdown of the new tool from  Social

Social-Sharing Practices: Punctuation and Symbols B2C

In a recent post I discussed Punctuation and Symbols for B2B, now let’s take a look how the use of question marks and exclamation points impacts B2C click levels. Question Marks B2C posts on LinkedIn generate 45% fewer clicks if they include a question mark. B2C tweets generate 52% fewer clicks if they include a